Transitions of Life Pt.1

I know its been a while since I have written but I have taken somewhat of a break for the summer months and I have been in a period of Transition and Rebuilding. It has been a lot of shedding that has taken place in my life in these last 2 months. Uncomfortable shedding to say the least. I have endured some painful blows, so painful I did not think I would come back from it. It really sent me to a place that I thought I could not recoup from. Let me give you an example:

I started working at a job in November 2013. Getting this job was a shock and a miracle at the same time. I was not looking for a job because I had it in my mind that I was going to “do my OWN thing” and be an entrepreneur and make a lot of money on MY OWN. While I am still an entrepreneur, I realized that there is a process to it and a time of preparation and people DO NOT make money overnight, contrary to popular belief. Once I realized that I accepted the job and began to go through my transition process I quickly realized I was NOT CEO material and I had some learning, growing and developing to do. You see I thought I had all the answers and if I just “did my thing” everything would work out. No, a couple of ground rules in wanting to be in business for yourself:
1. Know Your Flaws, Own them and Work On Them! That is something I did not do prior. One of the things I recognizes through this job is that I had a serious habit of procrastinating which KILLS productivity!
2. Understand who you are trying to reach and research what you want to do. Sorry to break it to some of you but you are NOT the only one who wants to do or IS doing what you want to do. Know your Industry and stand out. I was Completely frustrated with the fact that there were so many people who want to empower young women. I almost let go of the dream but God had to redirect my focus. I soon found that there is room for everyone and their purpose, you just have to know your role, stay in your lane and move forward!
3. Delay is NOT Denial!!!!! I Cannot stress this enough! I struggled because I felt like, now I am at a job, how the heck am I going to be in business for myself, this is delaying the process, blah, blah, blah!!! NO!!! If you are thinking like that STOP IT NOW!!!!! There is a reason for you have not begun or started what you are wanting to start, there is something you need to learn, an area you need to go in before you can go full force! Trust me, its better to be prepared than to go out there and you are Not together! I am not saying you have to be Perfect but there are Basic Self Development skills you must have and learn and it takes time, so Be patient with yourself! As my Master Coach taught me, You can only go as fast as the slowest part of yourself ( That will click in a moment).

So once I understood my reason for having to go to work, I began to develop parts of me that would be necessary for having my own business. I began networking, meeting people, putting myself on a schedule, and it started to show me that I would have been chewed up in the world I was going into.

Many of us, have been in a season of transition. The transition may have been in a relationship, work, school related, with our children. Transitioning brings about anxiety at times, not knowing what the next step is or knowing what the next step is but not wanting to go out and make the change necessary to go to the next level in life. One suggestion I can make is, being honest with your place of current reality. Looking at your transition placement and knowing where you want to go. In other words here are some tips for transition:
1. Look at your current reality, assess the changes needed, Embrace the change that Will take place
2. Know where you want to go and devise a plan to get there, if you need help, I am HERE!!!! 🙂
(I will put my info at the end of this posting)
3. If you feel stuck, take a breath, reevaluate your position and course correct if necessary
4. Work towards moving forward in a pace that is comfortable FOR YOU! Some people tend to think transition needs to happen when other people say it does, NO! Your life if your life and your process is YOUR process! We live on God’s time Not Ours!
5. Be Patient with Your Process! Change is Constant and Inevitable! Transitions help us grow, be better, do better and Live Free!

I hope you were Inspired, Encouraged and Impacted to Move! If you want to learn more or need help in making steps to transition, or feel stuck, Please email me at or comment on the post with your email address and I will GLADLY get back to you to see how I may serve you! I enjoy sharing my life and being transparent, My life isn’t my own and if I can help someone, I have done my duty!

Until Next Time, Be You, Stay True, Live SXSI!

Integrity/Lifestyle Coach
SXSI-She Xercises Self Integrity