Knowing Your Results: Purpose Is Already In You!

Purpose: Its Already Inside of You

What is this thing called purpose? People are searching for it, looking for it, wondering where to find it, confused about whether they have one and if they do where it could be hiding, as if Your Purpose can actually hide from you. Well let me, let you in on something You have a Purpose if you are breathing and walking around! Your purpose is your assignment in the earth, just like you have a social security number that identifies you, your purpose identifies you and what your assignment is in the earth.

So you may ask, what exactly is a purpose and how will I be able to identify it? So its simple your purpose is made up of your gifts, talents and abilities. What you have been designed to do has been divinely wrapped up in what you can do well, what you love to do and what comes naturally to you. When you understand and realize those elements of yourself, you will have a clear understanding of your purpose.

Let’s consider this…

I am a mother, so I love to use the creation of humans and that miraculous process, I know it may be a little invasive but bear with me and I promise you will catch it very well!

So walk down this road with me…

Before you were actually conceived or thought of, your mother already had you just laying around in her womb as an egg! Yes you were just there laying around chilling, bouncing around. It wasn’t until your mother was connected to your father who had what your mother needed to bring life to you, the egg. Got Me? Its the same with your purpose, it is not until your purpose is connected to your passion that there is a surge of inspiration that is sparked and BOOM! Your purpose is ignited and you are in pursuit.

Now the passion that ignites our purpose is infused with our gifts, talents and abilities. When all these elements collide we are filled with such an ambition to make sure that purpose comes to pass. On the flip side of this, we can tend to feel anxiety about our passion and unfortunately abort the mission before it even has a chance to live.

Abort or Accept

Some of us believe it or not are afraid of our purpose. Some of us were called to sing, dance, lead, teach, be lawyers, doctors, a writer, and the list goes on. When we figure out or for all in tense purposes, are made aware of our purpose we RUN from it! Our passion has been connected to our purpose, infused with gifts, talents and abilities and we look the other way, we abort the very thing we are supposed to bring forth into the earth.

Let me tell you a short story, I promise to keep it short 🙂 

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I cried. Not tears of joy but of intense Fear! How was I a single, vibrant young woman going to take care of another human being?! I was not up for that, I was not accepting that, I was NOT claiming that. I prepared myself for abortion (yes, me the Christian, I will talk about that in another post). I was fearful because I did not think I was prepared to deal with that, above all I didn’t “think” I could handle it.

My reason for telling this story is because that is what some of us do. We think we are not capable of handling or growing the purpose that is already inside of us so we ignore it or we abort it. How do we abort it? We do not nurture it. We continue to starve the very thing we were meant to do by focusing on things that have nothing to do with our purpose. We tell ourselves we can’t so we don’t. We tell ourselves that, it is wrong for us to even think we are capable of bringing such an amazing thing into the earth, and sharing it with the world.

Let me tell you a secret… Our Purpose reminds us Daily that it is there waiting to be Birthed! 

Oh yeah its true! Have you heard a woman say her Biological clock is ticking?? Well the same is true about purpose. Your purpose will nag at you at the most inconvenient times. When you are at a job you are Not in love with, when you are trying to rest and ideas continuously pop up in your head like popcorn and you can’t seem to jot them down, dreams that seem so real that you almost do not want to wake up to your reality, a melody you cannot get out of your head. A song you keep singing that no one has heard or those book titles and characters that come alive in your mind Daily! Yeah, that’s your purpose telling it is there and it wants to be Birthed! There comes a time when you can no longer ignore it. It will become so loud that you will have no choice but to answer it, so will you?

Let me tell you another secret… You are More than Capable and Your Purpose has meaning in the earth, WE NEED YOUR PURPOSE TO BE BIRTHED! 


When we accept the purpose that then ignites with our passion (what we already do well), you have no idea the heights you will go. When I accepted that I was going to be a mother and that there was no turning back, I began to feed my baby, and preparing for my baby’s birth before she even took her first breath outside of my womb.

Its time to Prepare for your Purpose!

That is what you, the person who is struggling with accepting their purpose, need to do. Prepare for your purpose before it is birthed! Yes it is a process of birthing and in this blog series I will take you through that process of birthing the purpose that is on the inside of you. Just think of me as your PDD- Purpose Driven Doctor (since I can’t be an OBGYN, that would be weird). I will guide you through what you need to do, how you need to do it, let you know about the symptoms, challenges (because their will be many!) you will face when birthing your purpose in the earth.

I know there are many people who talk about purpose and birthing the Purpose baby, but I am taking a different approach! And I intend to bring it to you the best way I can… In My Purpose of Inspiring you to Be Brave, Being You and Staying True to who You Authentically Are and Living In Purpose!

So, let’s journey together in Birthing Purpose.

This is just Phase One: The Initial Check-Up.

Your next Check In will be in 1 Week: The First Trimester

I look forward to seeing you then and Don’t Be late for your appointment! and Remember, Your Purpose is apart of You, Treat it as such!



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