Purpose is Already In You: 2nd Check Up: The Blood Pressure, Heartbeat, and Weight of Purpose

“Time for Your Checkup, Time for Your Checkup”! (You can tell I have a toddler singing Doc McStuffins!)

I am so glad you showed up for your appointment! Today we are going to “hear” the heartbeat of what  you are carrying on the inside, look at your “Blood pressure”, and find out the “Weight” of your purpose. Last week we confirmed the actual purpose that is growing on the inside of you. We talked about the choices you can sometimes make because carrying purpose is a Heavy task, but once it has been planted, we have a responsibility and/or a choice to recognize it and take care of it and birth it or we can abort it. Now I am not sure where you are in your thought process is in terms of your purpose but since you are “here”, let check the status of your purpose.

Your “Blood Pressure” of Purpose:

Physically when we have our blood pressure checked, we have to put our arm out, a plastic band is placed around it and it then it squeezes for about 5 seconds to test the pressure against the blood that is being held by the squeezing (I am not a medical profession so I may have that wrong but that is how I can explain it).

Your Purpose Blood Pressure is what tells you that you need to pay attention to that which is going on inside of you. When your natural blood pressure is high, you may experience swelling feet, you may feel like you want to faint, you may even pass out. You may not actually pass out over your Purpose physically but you Will experience something to let you know that your Purpose “blood pressure” is High and you need to take care of it. When you are Pregnant with purpose your pressure can fluctuate whether you are doing what  you need to do to stabilize and “feed” the needs of your purpose or whether you are not doing what is necessary to nourish your purpose. So how can you Nourish keep a regulated “blood pressure” for your purpose?

1. Research that thing that will help grow your purpose! That’s equivalent to feeding it the right things so that it can grow and be birthed appropriately

2. Recognize the Signs! When you are ignoring your purpose, there are indications just like swelling feet! (That’s funny to me now but when I actually experienced this physically it wasn’t so funny) Your purpose shows you signs that it is there and waiting to be birthed!

a.Waking up in the middle of the night

b.agitation because you may be doing one thing but you have a nagging feeling you should be doing something else

c. feeling like you life is going in circles and you “crave” direction, that an indication that your purpose is becoming strong in you and it is telling you, I NEED TO GROW AND COME OUT OF YOU!

The Heartbeat of Purpose

This is my favorite part of the visit. I can remember being pregnant with my daughter and contemplating abortion. I knew that I just could not handle a child and I did  not want to have a baby. I went to my second appointment, Alone and made up in my mind, I am not keeping this baby. Well that changed when I heard her heartbeat. It was fast, consistent and it Rocked my spirit. It let me know that I had a living being on the inside of me, How could I kill it? I do not want to be a murderer, she is Alive.

Writing this portion is literally getting me emotional. You see, I want you to understand and know that your purpose is alive. Listen to it…. It is beating, it has a heartbeat and it is Alive and it wants to grow so that it can come out and Bless people, encourage people, help people. Your purpose is a gift that is to be shared because it is apart of you, YOU are a Gift to be shared with the World and all the gifts, talents and abilities wrapped up in your purpose. The heartbeat of your purpose is that thing you do without having someone pay you for it, it is that thing you do without even thinking, that song you sing without having to catch your breath, you hit every note, that person you always help at your job or school, the moments when you want to create, that is your gift wrapped in purpose, that is your heartbeat, and you cannot ignore that! Listen to the heartbeat of your purpose, if you really hear it, how can you abort it?

The last check-up is the weight.

The weight of your purpose is how you feel when  you KNOW you should be using your gifts, talents and abilities for one thing and you turn around and don’t do it. You get a nagging feeling inside that will not go away. Sometimes that feeling is faint, you do not really feel it. You may look up, recognize it but then you shake it off. But as your purpose grows it will start to weigh heavy on you. As you try to go on about your day, you will feel it heavier and heavier within you and you will start to ask yourself, “am I doing the right thing”? or say to yourself “I feel like I should be doing something else”, that is the weight of your purpose starting to show you it is growing now because it wants you to recognize that the more attention you put to it, it will respond with growth.

How heavy is your purpose now?

Does it keep you up at night?

Do you feel it on you?

Are you recognizing more and more that it is there and you want to give more attention to it?

How heavy is it?

Things to consider: 

What do you LOVE to do more than anything?

What is something you would do even if you did not make a Dime off of it?

Tell me  your Answers Below! I would Love to hear from you!

I want to give you some “Take Away” Materials before you leave and your “Next Appointment” Slip.

In the Bible it says:

“For everything there is a season, And a time for Every Purpose under heaven”. Ecclesiastes 3:1 

“Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew You, I set you apart, I appointed you as a prophet” Jerimiah 1:5

God created you for a purpose and when He created you for a Purpose He Placed Purpose on the Inside of you, Remember That! 🙂

Next Appointment: “What are you Carrying!” The Reveal of Purpose! 

Until Next Time, Stay You, Be True and Ladies Always Live SXSI!!!