“What are you Carrying!” The Reveal of Purpose!

Its Time for Your Check Up! and can I just say, I apologize for not being able to check in with you! I been booked UP! That sometimes happens and I hope that you can forgive me and now you are here, so lets get started!

Did i tell you how excited I am about this check-up? This is the day where you will find out EXACTLY what the Purpose is you are carrying! Are you excited?? I know I am, but first I need to ask you some questions:

What have you been aching to do? In other words what do you “crave”?

Has anyone said to you, you are Great at this you should do “this” for a living?

What comes naturally to you?

What can you do without effort, push or begging?

What would you do for free just because you love it so much?


Purpose Revealed!!! 

So what was your answer? Singing, Dancing, Writing, Being an Advocate, Doctor, Nurse, Teacher, Actor/Actress, A Mother (Yes that can be Your Purpose and there is NOTHING wrong with that!) What was revealed to you in those questions? I will share mine ( but I think you can already tell what my Purpose is) 🙂

1. I ACHE to write and teach people things I know and have experienced. I CRAVE to have my Own schedule and conduct workshops, seminars and see people’s lives changed (mainly young people) 🙂

2. People ALWAYS tell me I Inspire them, I Encourage them, I Speak Well, I Write Very Well, I have a Way With Words, I am a Storyteller, I am Organized, and I am Strong. People have told me I should teach and write books or work in administration, I guess they knew what they were talking about 🙂

3. Writing definitely comes naturally to me, Speaking for sure, I love talking to people, hearing their stories and helping them navigate through life in making choices and decisions.

4. I will write for other people or have a “counseling session” with people without them having to nag me to listen to them or want to be heard or understood. If someone asks me to speak at an event, I AM THERE! (as long as its in line with my integrity and values of course… we will discuss that later)

5. What I have done for free and would STILL do it for free, is facilitate workshops and seminars that provoke people to change and want to change where they have been to where they desire to be. This blog I am writing RIGHT NOW! I love to write and share information on what I know, what I am inspired by and I love to tell stories (mainly my own) to bring that inspiration and life to others.

My Purpose is to Inspire and Encourage people through telling My Story! I am a Writer, Blogger, Speaker, Workshop/Seminar Facilitator and a bit of  Goof Ball 🙂 who LOVES JESUS! ❤


Passion and Purpose

In our first check in, we talked a little bit about Passion and how that relates to your purpose. Now that you have a clear understanding of your purpose, and know what you were meant to do, let me tell you how passion works closely with your purpose. Passion is every element that ignites your purpose, for example, if you’re purpose is to be a doctor, your passion helping people, which means you have a passion to heal people. You desire to see people healed from diseases and you desire to see people healthy.

Your passion, essentially feeds the purpose that you have. If you’re purpose is to entertain and share your talent with others then you may have a passion in dancing or singing. Let me just say that if you are an artist ( Painter, Dancer, Singer, etc) You are also a storytelling. You literally share your story in using your body,mind, creativity or words to convey a message to your audience. People are moved to tears, to change, to love, to forgive by your song, seeing your dance, looking at your painting, so DO NOT Discount your Passion because IT DOES HAVE PURPOSE! ( I don’t know why I just went In like that but I want you to know that, your Purpose Will NOT look like anyone else’s). When you do what YOU are authentically created to do, purposed to do, you will Shine, You Will Stand Out and More importantly People will be Transformed and Changed!

Let me inform you of this important fact: This is what the Lord says—he who made you, who formed you in the womb,  and who will help you. -Isaiah 44:2 

You were formed, chosen SPECIFICALLY for a purpose by God Himself!

So I ask What’s Your Purpose? No I really want to know..

Comment Below and Tell me your Purpose! What are you Passionate about? I would love to know what you were created for and if you have Questions about your purpose, you want to understand your purpose, or need help Growing your purpose, Email Me at thowze83@gmail.com.

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See You Next Week and Remember

Be You, Stay True and Pursue!

Takima ❤