The Delivery of Purpose!

Hey I’m Back! I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long. I know you are long overdue in delivering your “purpose baby” and I am Excited to help you deliver it

So let’s get started

First I need to verify that you are experiencing “Contractions” :

1. Have you experienced extreme pain that you cant even explain where it is coming from, you just KNOW you feel it? If so GOOD! When Purpose is about to be birthed you will experience pain like you have NEVER felt before. Pain from issues of life, the need to let things and people go. Pain of having to revisit the past to close some chapters, pain from knowing that you have to do some things in order for this purpose to be Birthed and be Birthed properly.

2. Have you wanted to just die? When I say die, I mean quit? That’s totally normal. When you are on the brink of delivery, you will want to just give up BIG and FULL OF PURPOSE YOU WILL WANT TO LET IT ALL GO! You will be over Everything! Forget what you were told, forget what you dreamt of doing, sleepless  nights you’ve had, you will just be over it! But I am sorry to tell you Nope, You have to Continue to go through the process, No matter How Bad you want to give up!

3. Are you feeling Anxiety of Not feeling “Ready”? That is Normal too! Yes it is and that gets me excited because Your Purpose Baby is ready to make its Debut! When you are about to give birth to purpose, you will feel anxiety that will turn into Fear if you Do Not check it at the door! When you feel that anxiety Remind yourself of WHY the purpose is important to be Birthed. You may have had to walk away from some stuff in order to give birth to the purpose but now you are having regretful thoughts. Let me tell you, that’s okay. You have to continuously tell yourself it is worth it all and your purpose has meaning that will impact The World, and It WILL!

birth quote

So Are You Ready for BIRTH?????


Now it will be hard but it will get easy as the purpose gets closer to being delivered…You will see purpose coming the more painful it gets, as you feel more pain, this is when you will have to P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens) and B.R.E.A.T.H (Be Relentless in Every Action and Triumph over Hurdles)

Pain in the PUSH

I will give you a story. I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember. Writing and Inspiring people is like Life to me. I feel alive when I do it, I feel at peace when I pour my soul out onto the pages of my journal and/or when I type a full page. Since I knew that was my purpose, I would continue to work at it and do things that contributed to growing that purpose inside of me. This year was my “9th month”. It has been hard to carry this baby around for so long and trust me I wanted to GIVE UP! I wanted to not write another page, read another story, take another class to help me to give “birth” to this purpose! And can you imagine I have SO Many other “babies” inside of me to be birthed out! This was the hardest!

The Pain

As I prepare to PUSH, I have gotten distracted. I have gotten sidetracked, everything to try to knock me off track. The Pain I felt in getting ready for the PUSH, was feeling as though I was not ready to birth this purpose. The pain of not being accepted once this purpose is birthed, YES THAT IS PAIN. Sometimes we get so caught up in thinking what we have will not be accepted by others that we hold back, DON’T DO THAT! Let me tell you, it will only make you SICK! Literally. I tried to focus on other things, I tried to self sabotage the Very thing I am supposed to birth and I literally felt sick. I could not think of anything else! You know why? Because it’s Ready to come out and Nothing I do can stop it!



As I myself am preparing to give “birth” to my purpose, I have faced challenges and had to make some sacrifices and let go of things I did not want to let go of. You see if you ever had a baby and when you are about to deliver they tell you, not to eat and you have to let go of trying to control what your body does. Not eating is a sacrifice because you don’t know how long you will be in labor, and the letting go control of your Own body is sometimes you plan for your baby to be born one way and the baby sometimes comes another. Our physical body will also allow for things to come out that we normally can control but under these circumstances it is Beyond our control!

The Same can happen with purpose. We can expect our purpose to show up one way because we are most COMFORTABLE with it one way but purpose has a way of presenting itself in way that you never expect, Your Purpose takes you OUT of your comfort zone. If you have experienced this then your purpose is doing what it is supposed to do! Dont fight it! Go with it and watch your Purpose Shine Bright!


The Delivery


When Purpose is Birthed its a Relief and Release. You feel as though a weight has been lifted and you are more excited than any anxiety you have ever felt. You feel an incredible sense of love and appreciation to see what you have nurtured and prepared for come to life! Isnt it an amazing feeling? You want to share your purpose but you also want to protect it at the same time, I know I have been there. When your purpose is birthed so many people will have MUCH to say about it, don’t let what other say sway you from presenting your purpose but also protect it. Cover your purpose with Life Words always speaking and breathing life into it. Those who are not supportive or doesn’t speak the same language around your purpose should not surround what you have birthed and that is OKAY! Let me tell you again IT IS OKAY to keep your Purpose away from those who are not supportive and positive. It will be better for you and the growth and development of what you have just birthed!



The Follow-Up Plan

Now that your purpose is birthed there is Still much work to be done. Just as you nurtured your purpose in the pre-delivery stage, you must do the same in the post-delivery stage, here are some things you can do keep your purpose alive and thriving:

1. Stay of top of keeping your purpose in the front of others. In other words, share your purpose with Caution! 🙂

2. Continuosly speak life to your purpose. It will not always be Great and fuzzy feeling so it’s important to remember WHY you have birthed your purpose and WHO you are meant to reach and touch with it

3. I know I said to share your purpose with everyone, but also Protect your purpose. Not everyone who will smile and embrace what you have birthed, is genuinely happy for what you have birthed. There will be those who will try to destroy what you have birthed. Be aware of such people and keep your purpose away from those people!

4. Grow with your purpose. In 6 months, 1 year, 2 years your purpose will not look like it did when you first birthed it. There will be a new look to it and you will have to get used to the change. Grow with your purpose and in doing so more people will begin to be impacted by it!

5. LOVE YOUR PURPOSE! In the Good, Bad and Challenging Times! Your Purpose is apart of you!

I hope I gave you all you needed as your Purpose Doctor! I will be checking in with you! Remember:

God Knows the plans He has for You, Plans to Prosper you and Not to Harm You, Plans to give you a Hope and Future! -Jeremiah 29:10

Please Share, Like, and Comment! I hope you were blessed, Inspired and Encouraged!

Always Remember Be You, Stay True and Pursue!