Let Me Take a “Lifie”



But first Let me Take a Selfie!

In a world of “Selfies”, aka a picture of yourself, you have the opportunity to show who you are at your best. People Pine over the “Selfie”. You take one picture and you frown at it, You take another one and decide that’s not good enough, you take yet another and find all the spots and blemishes that you haven’t seen before so you chuck that one too. I am not a selfie queen but today I took a few. After I took them and posted them I was inspired to write this blog because today was NOT a Selfie day, today was actually FAR AWAY from a Selfie Day!

Let’s Take a “Lifie” ( I will explain lol) 

So today I was feeling EXTREMELY overwhelmed. I was feeling like my life was not only a mess but I felt like my life was headed down a place that was nowhere. Just to go back a little, last week I was on cloud nine, leaping on clouds and running towards my purpose with much enthusiasm and zeal. I was sure of myself and where I was headed, needless to say my “Lifie” was on Point and I was sharing it with the world!

Fast forward today, I was not feeling anything that had anything to do with my life, my purpose and I SURE was not willing to share any “Lifies” because it was not up to par today. As I sat and thought about how I was feeling and the lost feelings and emptiness I felt, I just started to talk to God. I was telling Him my thoughts as random as they were and I desired for them to stay secret. I didn’t want to share any thoughts. As I was pouring my cares onto him and drowning myself in sorrows He brought a scripture to me. Philippians 1:6being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ”. The tears began to fall because at that moment I knew that God has just visited me. He reminded me that in all of the mess and the cloudiness, there is still purpose in it and in me. Just because my life did not look presentable, didnt mean that its not worth presenting.


After the introspection, I took a traditional Selfie. I am not big on Selfies because I am not too fond of how I look weight wise (that’s another blog), but I decided you know what in all my non happy moments of self, I felt most content with my life and as I snapped the picture, it showed through! I posted my picture and one of my cousins posted under my pictures and said ” We were having some similar feelings-however God’s words and your words have so lifted me Thank You”! That encouraged me so much and inspired this blog post. When our life isnt looking as great, or we may not be too pleased with it, we tend to want to hide it and not share it. Much like with the thousand “selfies” we take until we find the one that’s just right, sometimes our Life needs to be shared even when it doesn’t “look” perfect or the way we think it should. Somewhere in the messy parts of our life, someone can find the gems and jewels that will lift them out of their pit.

SO SHARE YOUR LIFIE! No Need to Wait for it to Look Great, People Don’t Need Great, they Need Real!


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I am truly EXCITED about what is to come and I appreciate all the support!

I Truly Love Ya’ll and Remember Always be You Stay True and…


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