The Pursuit of Self

When I started writing the Pursuit of Self, my first soon to be self published book, that was not the original title of the book.The original title would have had most people puzzled and questioning but consequently they would have never picked up my book to read it. Such a terrifying truth. Ironically, the contents of the book I knew would be about telling a story of trials, hurt, pain, mishaps and self discovery. I knew that with every story I shared regarding my life, a piece of me was being given out into the world. In the beginning of telling my story, I took a boot-camp called “The Best Sellers Project” facilitated by Tiphani Montgomery and Azarel. My first session with them they asked me the title of my book, and I told them, Proudly too, “The Road to SXSI”. Immediately Tiphani said to me ” I would never buy a book with that title”. I cringed! What was I going to do now? I had not thought of another title and I was going with what I had. At this point I had no choice but to change it because if Tiphani Montgomery, 7 time Essence best seller tells you She wouldn’t buy your book because of the title, You change that title!

At that point I was frantic, frustrated and just plain crushed. How was I going to change the title? So I researched, thought, “dug in”, and researched some more. I asked my niece about some titles that I thought fit the message I was trying to convey and she gave me great feedback. Then it came to me, throughout my life I was constantly looking for something. Looking to be loved, looking to matter, looking for validation, looking to have a purpose in life. Always searching as if I was running after something. Every story I share has been about the chaos I endured whether created by me or by circumstance channeled the Pursuit of finding who I was in the midst of my chaos. The Pursuit of Self, ironically was discovered by me, looking for a sense of self deep down within myself. Trying to understand who I am now and what I wanted to share with the rest of the world or at least the one person I wanted to speak to to help them be in a better place in their life.

The Pursuit was not easy to live through and it was not easy to write. In fact, pursing the person I thought I was became a never ending journey that had many levels of discovery that challenged and changed me to who I am already meant to be in life. From being completely stressed out at my previous job, to adjusting to being a new single mother of a 3 year old who commands Much of my attention, to struggling with whether I should follow society’s norm of finishing school to be successful or pursue what I truly have a passion for which is writing and inspiring people. This writing journey alone has been a huge pursuit.

So what does this mean for you? What am I saying to you? If you find yourself in your own world-wind of chaos; you’re in the midst of losing your home, your child(ren) are driving you crazy, feeling like your life is one circle of chaos and crisis after another, I want to encourage you that You Can Make It Through, you must Pursue, Pursue, Pursue! What you tend to find in those very situations is a lesson that is meant to teach and grow you and in the process you discover a different version of yourself, you did not even know existed!

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Until next time, Be You, Stay True and Pursue!