The Pursuit of Success

“I just wanna Be, I Just Wanna Be, I Just Wanna Be Successful” Drake

Is it Yay or Nay?

Some people may not like this post very much but I have had this thought in my mind bank for a while now. Many people I know, most of them Christian has very publicly talked about pursuing success is of “the devil”. Now in my mind, the devil ain’t got nothing to do with success especially since he is out for everyone’s demise Especially if you are saved , outspoken Follower of Jesus Christ! The devil isn’t trying to elevate you, he is out to DESTROY you and everyone attached  you! But I digress lol

Success essentially has gotten a bad wrap because it says if you want to be successful you are chasing after money and not God.
Now I believe (and Yes I am a Christian, Follower of Jesus, in human flesh ) that success is Not Sin and I also believe that God Wants Us to be Successful. The bible even says, “I came that they may have life and have it More Abundantly”,(John 10:10) “For I Know the plans I think towards you says the Lord, plans to Prosper You and Not Harm you, Plans to Give you a Hope and a Future” (Jeremiah 29:10-11). Now if God, the creator Almighty has Said Himself That His THOUGHTS are to make me Proper, then I mean… Success is written All over that! I am Just saying. Too often people get caught up in the societal view of what success is. The “world or worldview” is that success means obtaining massive amounts of money and being filthy rich, greedy and having no need for God, Not True. The definition of success is: the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts of endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals. (


Now for me success is measured in what you do for others and your returns in response of that giving. Success is actually different for everyone. Me being successful could be getting up everyday at the same time, getting my daughter ready for school, getting her there on time and me taking care of our needs. To me that makes me successful. To someone else being successful is climbing the ladder at their corporate or not-for-profit job (and there is NOTHING wrong with having a job by the way, #DameDash) and obtaining a position they have been wanting to have for a long time. They put in the hours, made the sacrafices, did the work and now they can reap the benefits of their labor. Another success for someone could be simply saying hello to strangers because they are deemed as shy. There are many levels of success but too often people get so caught up in, “oh if you are trying to get a raise or do better for yourself you’re in sin or you being consumed with money”? I mean let’s talk real for a second, how are we able to survive in this world? Money right? We need it to Live Literally! We Have to pay bills, We Have to eat, We Need a place to live (and Noone is living for free even at your parents house!) So money is necessary, there is No way around that. What tends to happen however is people become too caught up in How other people are becoming successful. We are looking into the lives of others and making judgements based on what we see rather than what we know.


There is Nothing wrong with wanting to be successful, wanting enough money to take care of family, it becomes a problem when that’s ALL you are consumed with. I challenge all that read this blog to look at little successes in your life and count them as big successes. If you are trying to lose weight and didn’t eat that candy bar, You are Successful. If you were afraid to speak in front of people and you have your first speech or talk, Congratulations! You Are Successful! If you never thought you would write a blog, a story, or anything you were afraid to do and you did! You DID IT and You Are Successful! Let’s Stop, hammering people for their success and celebrate with them. If you are Christian and you see a sister or brother Hustling (in a good way now) to get there’s and make a means for their family, cheer them on. It may not be about the money, it could be about them just doing what God told them to do and it’s beginning to pay off monetarily.

That’s another thing real quick I want to add, just because someone is getting money for what they do doesn’t mean they are chasing after money. I don’t believe God called me to be broke and He gave me skills, talents and abilities to be Bless people with, bring Him Glory and I get to keep the rewards and guess what, there is Nothing wrong with that. Stop assuming that’s what people are doing all the time if you see them getting money because you have NO idea what they didn’t have before.

 Success, true Success is measured in how you give and what you do for others. God blesses and honors that and sometimes it’s monetary, sometimes it’s favor, sometimes it’s blessings of gifts from others. Don’t compare your success with others or downplay the success of others. Focus on your success, celebrate others and let’s Go Get It, Together! 

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I’m Takima, The Social Journalista
Remember Be You, Stay True and Pursue!


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