Complete Rewind

In the wake of all the things that have gone on in this America of United States, I have kept quiet, until now. Searching for what to say, I really just decided to let my heart do the talking. It has been a while since I have blogged because SO much is happening with me personally (All Good Things, Not always in Good Ways 🙂 I wanted to kick off summer fresh with my heart exposed because it is the catalyst for the direction I am going into in my Brand, my Business and in Life. So stay with Me! I appreciate ALL who read my blogs, resonate with what I have to say, and are inspired, The Best is yet to come!

However, my heart hurts for society and the direction it is going back to. In a world with the most intelligent technology, smart phones, the lack of intellectually inclined and morally supportive people is at an all time decrease. It truly upsets me and scares me at the very same time. Will I become hardened by the idioms and ideals of this world and take out my frustration and bleeding heart on those who do not appear to be the same as me. Yes I am talking about race, yes I am talking about gender, yes I am talking about sexual orientation, yes I am talking about those who hate, will I also hate, despise, spit on, “sideeye”, proclaim “you can’t sit with us!” ? By No Means, I wont because I cant, but This world is going back to the “Us vs Them”. Sadly, we are not made with the same pedigree that those before us were built for. We are too busy flashing cameras at fights, and videoing cruelty, to care enough to strap up and fight with strong voices that tear down walls, breaks barriers and Changes Laws. We are complaining and fighting and not praying in The Streets  where blood is shed, and arson is at an all time High, We are Failing as Humanity!

We are so quick to recite words of old when we have NO idea how those words came about. We recite Martin, Shirley, Maya, Malcolm, W.E.B, but do We have the words for this replicated generation? I think Not. We are blinded by our own ignorance of compliance with the call to Make change. We sit back in fear as we watch history do a Rapid Rewind and become paralyzed by a media circuit that tells us how to be afraid, when to be afraid and why Not to react!

My heart hurts for this generation. Will we survive?