30’s The Best Years of Your Life! (I am SO Serious)

I am SO Excited! Want to know why? I just celebrated by 32 Birthday on July 5 and I feel AMAZING!


Doesn’t it look good on me? I have to say that as I was approaching this birthday I was preparing my mind for what I wanted this personal new year to entail. I went back down memory lane and thought about the anxiety I felt when I was entering my 30’s. People tend to get bent out of shape when approaching this milestone, I’ve yet to know or even understand why. Somehow apart of me knew that my 30’s would be a year of Grace, Transformation, Exponential Growth, Love, Elevation and Power and I was all too ready to embrace it all. When I turned 30, I welcomed this decade with open arms. Not knowing what this year would give me I still anticipated the best. At 31, I learned many lessons of who I was and who i didn’t want to be anymore and had become quite comfortable with the person I was fitting into. Now at 32, there are mainly 5 things I have decided and know for sure that I will expect and put forth in this new year:


I had been so afraid of doing what is in my heart that I let fear keep me from accomplishing some pretty fantastic goals and had me hiding my gifts! I have to admit I believe and know that I have pretty valuable information to give to people and I had been “hoarding it” but NO MORE!


Sounds silly right? Well for a large amount of my years on this earth, me being or feeling beautiful was the furthest thing from my mind. I never felt good enough, pretty enough and I always compared myself to other people. This year I have made the decision to Allow myself the truth of knowing, believing and acting as though I am Beautiful, because I am, from the Inside Out!

3. I am Worthy

I am worthy of waiting for, sacrifice, loving. These 3 things I had compromised on so much because I did not believe I was worthy enough. Soon you will know my story ( My book comes out in 8 days! Shameless plug) but I have done so much in my life that I counted myself out the race. I did not think that I was worthy to be waited for in a relationship and gave myself up so quickly. I did not think that I was worth making a sacrifice for because I had done so much dirt and disgusting things, but Jesus sure proved me wrong in that. Loving, forget about it. Who could love me? I didn’t even love me. Now, I KNOW and BELIEVE that I am worthy not because of who I am but because of God on the inside of me.

4. I am Deserving

I deserve to receive all that I ask for. This is not an arrogant thought or mindset. Something I have learned that in order to “Ask, Believe and Receive” you have to believe that you deserve it!  The law of attraction only responds to those who are in a position to not only receive but they must also believe that are deserving of it. This year, I believe and I Deserve what I ask for!

5. Love is my Cornerstone

My God IS LOVE! I accept that so Strongly for myself this year. I feel it more fiercely that I ever have before. Love wakes me up in the morning, keeps me grounded, strengthens me, guides me, protects me. I know now one thing for certain,Loving God is Loving Me and Loving My Daughter is what makes me the Best Me! 


This butterfly is a depiction of who I have become. I have my wings and I am ready to F.L.Y! The year of 32 may seem like an insignificant number but to me it represents grace. 3+2= 5 (The number was grace). After all that I have been through, God has graced me with the ability to grow to a level that I have been able to come to the realization of the attributes and truths that He desired for me to be and see all along. I am EXCITED about this year!

Lastly, to all my 30 Something Sistas, Treasure the 30’s! I promise you each year brings special gifts of awareness, growth, knowledge and understanding. You WILL lose people, things, and relationships which are all necessary!

Your 30’s are NOT to be Feared but FACED and EMBRACED Head On!

Cheers to Flirty, Dirty, Amazing 30!!


Always Remember Be You, Stay True and PURSUE!



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