A New Beginning in Time

There is a time…

Ecclesiastes 3
There is a time to be silent and a time to speak.
For a long time now I have been silent. Did that mean I wasn’t talking? No it meant that I have been in preparation to share what I have been given or what has been “downloaded” into me by God to give to the people He has ordained for me to give it to. I used to be very annoyed with time. When I heard people say “it’s not your time, wait your turn, your TIME is coming” I used to feel like, “why isn’t it MY TIME NOW”. Isn’t that like society now? We want it Now, everything is now. There is no waiting, a microwave , popcorned culture.

As I read my bible at the beginning of this week, it was very clear to me that time is such an asset and in comprehending; not just understanding the time and season of things, we will be able to live our lives very productively.

I discovered 5 things about time and how we need to be aware and ready to go when time permits, prepare for the time to execute or just be still in waiting for our time to come:

1. Time needs to always be given an assignment: (I learned this from one of my mentors/coach Eboni L Truss)

When time has an assignment you cannot do anything outside of what it has already been purposed to do. The bible says “there is a time to plant and a time to uproot”. You better not dare think you can uproot when its time to plant because guess what? Whatever you plant will not survive. Its the same thing with business and in life. If you try to plant something when its time to uproot, you will continuously see things fall away, not work out, people will drop off away from you , all because you were not operating in the right time.
2. Time is an asset: As I am growing my writing business, I realize how important and valuable time is. It waits for no one but it is given freely. Its what You decide to do with it that makes all the difference. How you “spend” time shows where you are in life. Time is almost a rare commodity. Use it well and it will serve you so well!
3. Time must be taken seriously: Think about when you get up in the morning. You get dressed, if you have kids you get them dressed and ready to go and if you’re like me, you are checking that time every 5 minutes to see how much time is left. Time governs your life! It is how you function. When you waste time, you are literally allowing time to tell you, your life is meaningless! Honestly think about conversations, arguments that were just draining and unfruitful and the time it took to have them. You could have been doing something so amazing but you wasted your time. Don’t let time beat you over the head, rule the time don’t let it rule you!

4. Time is NOT money: You can always gain more money, you cannot gain more time. Everyone gets the same amount of time, 24 hours. That’s like everyone getting 24 dollars a day. Everyone spends their 24 hours differently. It may seem like they are getting more time but they are not, they are actually maximizing what they’ve been given to its fuleest potential, and guess what you can too! People tend to say time is money because they are not wasting time with frivolous things. If we start thinking more wisely about time just as we do money, we will be able to maximize what we’ve been given as well and get the most value out of it.
5. Time is given, not earned so treat it as a gift: We can never earn time. Time has a way of slipping through our fingers if we aren’t careful. Treat each second as though you know it will not come back, because in reality it won’t.

Time is for everyone but not everyone know how to use it. Trust me, I have learned a thing or two about time, and everyday I am getting better and more savvy in maximizing the time I have. Is it easy? NOT AT ALL, but as Eric Thomas says , “If you want to be successful as bad as you want to Breath then you will be successful”. That is the realest statement I’ve ever heard. Successful people have the same time an unsuccessful person has. The difference is the person who desires success understands how time can be used, the unsuccessful person wastes time nor understanding the value.


This is a new month, a  month of New Beginnings. Make the most of it, Value Time, Treat it well, and Make it Count. I guarantee time will serve you well!

I’m your Favorite, The Write Girl™, and Always Remember,

Be You, Stay True and PURSUE! 


Its Complete but You’re Not Finished!

Its July 31,2015 and its such a significant day. Its the last day of the month of Completion… Let me say that again, its the Last Day of the month of Completion!

I am true numbers girl! Nope I’m not into math or finance, but I am into numbers, numerology to be exact. I love the meaning behind numbers and what they symbolize. 7 is the number of Completion and its also the number of “God”, “God rested on the 7th day”, I’m sure you know right.

Well this is no different because completion to me is the end of something for another to begin, hence next month is August and 8 is the number of New Beginnings, so you KNOW I’m excited! This particular blog though, I want to encourage my Fellow Mommies and Momprenuers!

Yes this one is for you Mommies!!!


I have been on this entreprenuerial journey for quite some time now (11 years to be exact). I have been studying , learning, starting, stopping, growing, shedding, you know how it goes. This year however has been the turning  point of my journey. My daughter is 3 years old now about to be 4 (I still can’t believe it myself) and she is the light of my life. I mean she’s like a mini version of me. So having the desire to want to pursue a career in writing and entrepreneurship is Scary as Hell! I mean I had to really Pray and ask God several times ” are you sure about this because you know We have to take care of Tory”, and you know what God said “I know, and I told You I will Supply All Your Need, What do you have in your hands?”. Now at first I was confused like , “What do I have in my hands”? But as I thought about it I understood something so amazing. God asked Moses that same question. He asked him what he had in his hands as soon as Moses came up with reason Why he Couldn’t do what God told him to do! (Exodus 4:1-17)

Whoa! Have you ever felt like Moses?? Telling God what you Can’t do when clearly He said you Can?

We as mommies and if you are an independent mommy like me, you think about how you will feed your child, or children, the roof you need to keep over their head and the lights to stay on, right ? You run to a job because you Know for sure that will guarantee security, but the misconception is God is your security not the job, not that time clock you punch everyday. Now hear me, I’m not saying quit, but if God is saying to, Do It because He wants to show you how He can provide. When I started to hear God say Pursue what I put in you, I felt: crazy, worried, confused , anxious but I felt like if I didn’t do it, something major would happen and I would forever be stuck! I didn’t want that. For so long I wanted to write, speak and teach. That is what I love, I love to inspire people with my words. I just never knew how I would do it.

In 2014, I came out of hiding and wrote my first book. At the beginning of 2015 my 9-5 ended and God said its time to Pursue what I put in you. Now I didn’t have a job or any steady income and when I went to apply for jobs, NOTHING came through for me, I mean NOTHING. I then heard God say, “What have I put in your hands”? I am writer by nature, writing is like air, I breath it, when I want to express myself I write it out first. I LOVE to teach and inspire people. I love to see people’s lives transformed by something I taught them. So I began to ask God, okay so what do I do with that and how can I get income in doing this. He began to show me how to use the gifts talents and abilities He’s placed in me to allow for those things to give me the things I need. Is it easy? NO its not but I believe that I have something in me that people need and I am determined to see that they get it.

Is this you? Are you a Newbie Momprenuer struggling to figure out how to do what is In you to do? If it is I have learned 5 key things to help you stay the course live out your dreams WITH your babies so that you will stay motivated, inspired and Always in Pursuit:

1. Know what’s in your hands: Your Gifts, Your Talents and your Abilities are what will give you the know, and asking God what to do with them will give you the Know How!
2. Trust what you’ve been given: You will face times of disbelief, sometimes I do too but when those moments come, remind yourself that these are gifts, you were born with them so that means its apart of who you are!
3. Believe what God (or whatever your higher self if, mine is Jesus 🙂  has said about you: This one is key! If you don’t believe it, you will Never be able to achieve or receive what will be given. It has to come with belief and Faith!
4. Faith MUST be your anchor. This walk ISNT easy! You have to have Faith in order to see what you believe become a reality. You will want to give up and walk away because you don’t see it, but that is when your faith is being tested and tried and THAT is when you go harder! Never Give Up!
5. GrOw Through the Process! A lot of people tend to abandon the process, I’ve been there. Growth isn’t easy but necessary. The process prunes what we need out of us, builds strong roots and allows for all the goodness to come forward. GrOw thROUGH! 🙂

Mommies, we Got this! Our babies are watching us and waiting for us to show up! They are our first clients and customers to see if we will deliver! We can’t dissapoint them. Whenever you think of quitting, letting go of the dream, look at their faces and know that if not for you, they alone are worth the fight!

I Love You Mommies and Remember Always, Be You, Stay True and Pursue!


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