The Pursuit of Faith

Its September!

The month of Birthing. Many people wait for spring time for new things to come forth and be birthed. They say, “Let’s Spring into the New”. Well for me, September is the time of new birth, “falling away”, and entering into a new season of change and endless possibilities. I recently celebrated my daughter’s 4th birthday on September 3rd. I cannot believe she is 4 years old. I remember when I went into labor. I sat on my couch, counting the minutes in between contractions and all of a sudden “POP”, my water broke and my daughter was making her way into the world.

That’s just like life right? You may be going through something and it has you in pain. I am not talking about pain that you can take medicine for and it goes away, I am talking about the pain you cannot even describe and then all of a sudden “POP” something breaks, there is a release and you realize there is a bigger picture, a bigger expectation to come. When I went into the delivery room, my daughter was in a position to be pushed out. I was in so much pain that I had no strength left to help guide her through but I was determined to get her here, safely. As I think about her birth, the moment I brought her home, laid her in her crib, I cried. How the hell was I going to take care of this new life? What qualified me to do this? I was completely and utterly stuck and the only thing I had to hold on to and pursue with everything in me was the FAITH that I could do it.

That’s the thing about faith, it shows up Big when you don’t even remember that it is there. When you pursue something you are relentless in obtaining the thing you are after. Faith can be tricky. It puts you through tests, it gets put to the test, it strengthens you but it also has the ability to break you down. Faith will keep you lifted and it will also keep you when you’ve fallen.

I want to encourage you with a 5 ways to pursue faith with a relentless drive:

  1. Pursue faith when you have nothing else. I know it sounds crazy but that is when you MUST take faith by the horns and allow it to do the work it is supposed to do. If you had all the answers, you wouldn’t need it, but you do.

2. Pursue faith when you are confused about what direction to go in. This can be       hard because confusion will cloud your mind, but the bible says, “He that keeps His       mind stayed on Him will be kept in perfect peace”. That means you will have peace       of mind, clarity can come and you will be able to understand how to move and               proceed in life.

3. Pursue faith when you have taken your life in your own hands. We all have             done this. Made choices that we know were not the best for us but decided to do it         anyway.Faith has the ability to allow us to course correct and put us back on the             right track.

4. Pursue faith when you dont have the strength to believe anymore. This is when     you are down to ground, licking the pavement but something in you still says, this           is NOT it for you. Pursue faith as though your life depended on it, because it does!

5. Pursue faith even when you have what you have asked for, it shows gratitude to     Him who had given it to you. Faith is about understanding God’s reign in your life.           Pursuing faith in greater times, prepares you to have Unshakeable faith in the worst       of times. Believe That!

There is a Bonus to pursuing faith. Pursue Faith with your words! Our words have incredible power. In the midst of darkness, chaos and turmoil, when we speak words of positivity, rooted in faith, it activates the faith deep inside allowing for God to move on our behalf. It allows the great things that we desire to happen to rush in because we have made a conscious effort Speak the Words of Faith into it. So essentially when we speak words of faith and pursue it our life lines up with that activity and we are able to witness the manifestation of it.

So what will you pursue? Will you Pursue Faith in Chaos? I am hoping your answer will be YES! Trust me, you will see your life will begin to shift to line up with the Word you have spoken into it and you will be able to birth the precious gift that has been locked up on the inside of you and experience the amazing growth that comes along with it!

Single Woman to Single Mother?

Im TakimaHWrites, The “Write” B.R.A.V.E. Coach/Trainer, and I want you to always remember: “Be You, Stay True and Pursue”!