In The Spirit of…

Hello Fellow Readers!

I’m Back! I’ve been on hiatus for a while but within good reason. My book “The Pursuit of Self: Discovering who you are in the midst of chaos” was released in November! I am so excited! You can now purchase on or via my createspace store. I am so proud of the fact that I finished my book , its out and in the hands of those that need to read it.

I am also working on the finishing touches of my new Life and Writing Development Program called “The B.R.A.V.E. Life™”. If you have ever felt like you are living a life of chaos, youre facing so many challenges and dont know how to over come them and/or you want to share your story with others, let’s chat!

Screenshot_2015-12-18-21-57-16-1.png                       I’m So EXCITED!!!!!

Have you ever had something you’ve wanted to do and when you finally did it you still couldn’t believe it was actually done? Yep! That’s my feeling right now!

So Back to “#WhatsTrending…”

So, its holiday season and we are geared up to celebrate, eat, open presents and such right? Well in the spirit of the season there are a few things I want to touch on because “tis the season to be jolly”, right?

Well this past weekend, it has all but been jolly for the funny man himself Steve Harvey. As we all know the debacle that happened with Steve during the Miss Universe pageant I have a few questions for society, of course in the “spirit” of the season:

1. Aren’t we human beings? Last time I checked we ALL make mistakes. The bible even says ,” All have fallen short of the glory” so why is the world in such an uproar about a misread card? Last time I checked no one is named Jesus Christ and is perfect

2. How many times must a man apologize to be redeemed for his obvious mistake. We as a society hold people to such an impossible standard that we will plummul someone if they don’t live up to the high standard set. I would love to see others live there and see how long they can last in perfection… I’ll wait…

3. Are the memes necessary? Its all laugh and funnies until its about you right? I get it, its a joke but 2 minutes after the situation memes out the woodworks? Its one thing to constantly hear about it on the news (because it made headlines) but to be on social media Constantly for a Mistake that ANY human person could and Does make is cyber bullying as its best!

4. Is forgiveness a thing of the past? Steve has profusely apologized and acknowledged his error. It seems no one is paying attention. It doesn’t matter because why? He just should been more careful? I get it , some of us struggle with forgiving people. We view it as “you made a mistake now I have the right to remind you over and over that you are flawed human being like me”. See how asanine that is?

5. In the spirit of ridicule… Yes I said it! This is another opportunity for society to hammer on someone and ridicule them because they are human. Too often we take the flaws of others, make it headline news just to make ourselves feel better about the flawed individuals We are. What a selfish generation we are to think we are better than others. It truly makes me sick to my stomach to see the hurtful things people are saying and to see a man trying to reclaim his name as “America’s favorite host”.


I know that the show and it’s contestants will forever be scarred because of the error, but that’s what it was an error. I feel as a society we pick and choose what “errors” to drive in the ground and which ones to praise, I.e. Donald Trump, polls have been sky rocketing, need I say more? Now I’m not turning this into a race issue because it isn’t, however in the spirit of forgiveness and humanity how long will we harp on it? Look at what was done and focus on what is Being done as a result. If anything this is a lesson of pure humility and taking responsibility for one’s actions, something many Do Not Do! Let’s just be honest.

I challenge everyone to take a good, hard look at themselves and be honest about their errors and gage how people would view them if on display. If every flub, mishap, debcale was publicized for the world to see how would you feel? Being a public figure isn’t easy and not so easy to handle, so before you lift that hand to point that finger, keep in mind there are four other fingers pointing back at you.


So in the spirit of the season, let forgiveness and love rule and let ridicule, finger pointing and name calling die.

That’s my 5 cents.

Until next time
Be You, Stay True and Pursue!