About Takima



1983, Born and raised in the South Bronx I was marked. I was born with Spinal Bifida, a neuro tube defect, the doctors told my mom I would not be able to walk.

By the time I reached school age, I was taken from my biological family and was  placed in the foster care system due to my birth mom’s mother’s medical neglect, alleged child abuse and drug addiction. Although I ended up living with a wonderful family, I felt like I didn’t really belong and so I isolated and it reflected in my behavior.

To top it off because of my disability I was teased at school because I couldn’t go to the bathroom like the “normal” children and I was constantly picked on. I desperately wanted to be “normal” and have a family that I felt I really belonged to.

The Teenage Years

As a teen the struggles increased and I battled with low self-esteem and self hatred. I took solace in writing but I secretly wanted to be someone else. I often had identity crises and struggled with knowing who I really was and where I fit in the world. I would look for value in wanting and needing boys to notice me and wanting to be apart of a “group”.

Picking up the Pieces, and adding more…

I graduated from The Bronx High School for Law Government and Justice in June 2001.  In that same year I moved out my adopted mother’s house, enrolled in the Associates Program at Monroe College, made some really bad choices and ended up moving back with my adopted mother by the end of the year of 2001.

2002 things were not working out and this time my adopted mother put me out the house for good. With nowhere really to go I lived from house to house. With this  unstable lifestyle I was living I became a victim of rape, sexual promiscuity, suspended from school for poor attendance, drinking and drugs to deal with the emptiness I felt on the inside. Honestly, I felt like a failure at life and once again the feeling of abandonment, loss, low-self esteem crept back in and this time I WANTED OUT! and i tried to kill myself.

The Change 

“and those that call on the name of Jesus shall be saved”

As cliche as that may sound, right before I picked up the knife to end it all, I literally heard a voice telling me to pray, so I did… 2002, I turned my life over to Christ and although my life was NEVER the same after, it wasn’t magically perfect after that either.

2004, I was reinstated to Monroe College and graduated in June of that year. I continued my education at SUNY Plattsburgh to pursue my BA in Sociology which I received in December 2007.

Even with all I accomplished, I still sought validation in others and wanted to be liked, loved and accepted and the choices I made reflected that, Tremendously…

It is my heart’s passion and desire to see young women, live a life of integrity and wholeness starting from the inside out. I believe strongly in the saying that “Iron Sharpens Iron” and “that no matter how filthy something gets, you can always clean it up”.


2011, I had my daughter and I became a single mother which was a journey I struggled with and sometimes still struggle through. It has not been easy, but like other hurdles I faced in life because of my choices, I am making it through and I want you to know,


If you desire Change in your life or you need some Encouragement and Inspiration to make it through a storm, challenge, or struggle, you feel confused about the whirlwind circle you are going through, there is a way to Live B.R.A.V.E.™ even in the midst of the chaos. If you want to know more,


I want you to know, You are Enough! You Have a Great Purpose in Life! and I desire for you to Live B.R.A.V.E.™ right on through it!


The BRAVE Business Woman

Takima Howze, writer, inspirational speaker, workshop faciliator, writing development coach, business consultant is known as an inspiration to those she comes in contact with. It has been said that her strength enduring life’s obstacles motivates others to want to be B.R.A.V.E.™ (Bold Resilient Authentic Victorious Empowered) and to overcome challenges they themselves face.


Takima is also a self-published author. Her first book “The Pursuit of Self: Discovering who you are in the midst of chaos”, was released in November 2015 and she will be releasing her sophmore book this coming July.Takima has such a passion and love for young women and their growth and development. She is also a Master storyteller and loves to help other people share their stories via the written word.

Being The B.R.A.V.E™ Storyteller of Inspiration, Hope and Life after Challenges that she is, Takima believes her purpose is to help others to Live The B.R.A.V.E. Life™  and  tell the story of a trial that turned into triumph.


Takima has but one motto and that has become her signature life message, “Be You, Stay True and Live B.R.A.V.E!”





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