BRAVE Services & Consultations

Bold Creatives Instructional Designs for Coaches and Entrepreneurs  

Are you a coach or entrepreneur that has coaching programs but have NO TIME to create worksheets and/or workbooks for your clients. Wouldn’t you rather focus on perfecting the program to produce your best work for your clients and have someone create and design the worksheets to go with them?

Thats’s where I come in!

I love to create, write, design and help others be their best in their life AND their business!  

Design For Me  

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Business Strategy Consultation

BRAVE Business Mapping 101: 4 Hours of Strategic Building & Planning 

Learn the step by step process of how to build your business from the first building block to the last. Having a business and more than just about having a great idea, its about knowing how to take that idea and expand it and make it into a viable business. During our B.B.M. Session we will discuss and Learn:

* Narrowing Your Niche

* Gain clarity on what your specific gifts, talents and abilities can do for you and others

* How to strategically plan your next steps in moving from: Interest, Ideas, Inception to Implementation

BRAVE Business Mindset Makeover:

* Building Confidence in your Abilities and Gifts (The Confidence Curator)

* Breakthroughs in Mindset & Myths

Some People have said: 

“Takima helped me to narrow my niche. You helped me to come up with excellent ideas for my program.You also helped me to discover what I should not embark upon just yet. I was not confident enough in myself to take on certain subjects” – Lukizzy, Feminine Confidence Coach

” Takima quickly caught the vision of what I want to accomplish then helped me develop ideas on creative ways to effectively bring it to life.” Allison Arnett, The Creative Accountant

                                                           INVESTMENT: $497.00











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