Knowing Your Results: Purpose Is Already In You!

Purpose: Its Already Inside of You

What is this thing called purpose? People are searching for it, looking for it, wondering where to find it, confused about whether they have one and if they do where it could be hiding, as if Your Purpose can actually hide from you. Well let me, let you in on something You have a Purpose if you are breathing and walking around! Your purpose is your assignment in the earth, just like you have a social security number that identifies you, your purpose identifies you and what your assignment is in the earth.

So you may ask, what exactly is a purpose and how will I be able to identify it? So its simple your purpose is made up of your gifts, talents and abilities. What you have been designed to do has been divinely wrapped up in what you can do well, what you love to do and what comes naturally to you. When you understand and realize those elements of yourself, you will have a clear understanding of your purpose.

Let’s consider this…

I am a mother, so I love to use the creation of humans and that miraculous process, I know it may be a little invasive but bear with me and I promise you will catch it very well!

So walk down this road with me…

Before you were actually conceived or thought of, your mother already had you just laying around in her womb as an egg! Yes you were just there laying around chilling, bouncing around. It wasn’t until your mother was connected to your father who had what your mother needed to bring life to you, the egg. Got Me? Its the same with your purpose, it is not until your purpose is connected to your passion that there is a surge of inspiration that is sparked and BOOM! Your purpose is ignited and you are in pursuit.

Now the passion that ignites our purpose is infused with our gifts, talents and abilities. When all these elements collide we are filled with such an ambition to make sure that purpose comes to pass. On the flip side of this, we can tend to feel anxiety about our passion and unfortunately abort the mission before it even has a chance to live.

Abort or Accept

Some of us believe it or not are afraid of our purpose. Some of us were called to sing, dance, lead, teach, be lawyers, doctors, a writer, and the list goes on. When we figure out or for all in tense purposes, are made aware of our purpose we RUN from it! Our passion has been connected to our purpose, infused with gifts, talents and abilities and we look the other way, we abort the very thing we are supposed to bring forth into the earth.

Let me tell you a short story, I promise to keep it short 🙂 

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I cried. Not tears of joy but of intense Fear! How was I a single, vibrant young woman going to take care of another human being?! I was not up for that, I was not accepting that, I was NOT claiming that. I prepared myself for abortion (yes, me the Christian, I will talk about that in another post). I was fearful because I did not think I was prepared to deal with that, above all I didn’t “think” I could handle it.

My reason for telling this story is because that is what some of us do. We think we are not capable of handling or growing the purpose that is already inside of us so we ignore it or we abort it. How do we abort it? We do not nurture it. We continue to starve the very thing we were meant to do by focusing on things that have nothing to do with our purpose. We tell ourselves we can’t so we don’t. We tell ourselves that, it is wrong for us to even think we are capable of bringing such an amazing thing into the earth, and sharing it with the world.

Let me tell you a secret… Our Purpose reminds us Daily that it is there waiting to be Birthed! 

Oh yeah its true! Have you heard a woman say her Biological clock is ticking?? Well the same is true about purpose. Your purpose will nag at you at the most inconvenient times. When you are at a job you are Not in love with, when you are trying to rest and ideas continuously pop up in your head like popcorn and you can’t seem to jot them down, dreams that seem so real that you almost do not want to wake up to your reality, a melody you cannot get out of your head. A song you keep singing that no one has heard or those book titles and characters that come alive in your mind Daily! Yeah, that’s your purpose telling it is there and it wants to be Birthed! There comes a time when you can no longer ignore it. It will become so loud that you will have no choice but to answer it, so will you?

Let me tell you another secret… You are More than Capable and Your Purpose has meaning in the earth, WE NEED YOUR PURPOSE TO BE BIRTHED! 


When we accept the purpose that then ignites with our passion (what we already do well), you have no idea the heights you will go. When I accepted that I was going to be a mother and that there was no turning back, I began to feed my baby, and preparing for my baby’s birth before she even took her first breath outside of my womb.

Its time to Prepare for your Purpose!

That is what you, the person who is struggling with accepting their purpose, need to do. Prepare for your purpose before it is birthed! Yes it is a process of birthing and in this blog series I will take you through that process of birthing the purpose that is on the inside of you. Just think of me as your PDD- Purpose Driven Doctor (since I can’t be an OBGYN, that would be weird). I will guide you through what you need to do, how you need to do it, let you know about the symptoms, challenges (because their will be many!) you will face when birthing your purpose in the earth.

I know there are many people who talk about purpose and birthing the Purpose baby, but I am taking a different approach! And I intend to bring it to you the best way I can… In My Purpose of Inspiring you to Be Brave, Being You and Staying True to who You Authentically Are and Living In Purpose!

So, let’s journey together in Birthing Purpose.

This is just Phase One: The Initial Check-Up.

Your next Check In will be in 1 Week: The First Trimester

I look forward to seeing you then and Don’t Be late for your appointment! and Remember, Your Purpose is apart of You, Treat it as such!



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See you at your next “APPOINTment! 🙂





Heal to Love for Real: My Thoughts on Real Love and LHHNY

Everyone I know watches the “Ratchet TV” Love and Hip Hop New York. I used to think that the show was really silly yet entertaining but I started to watch it from a different eye. On Sunday night I watched the Reunion part 1 and I was literally hurting for the women that I saw on the stage, I also hurt for the men who took advantage of the women because of their lack of love and healing in themselves.

After watching the reunion I went back to catch up on the story line and to view what I missed out on. I was truly saddened and slightly disturbed by what I saw. Women older and younger, loving men who couldn’t love them enough to heal them but continued to either stay with them or go back and forth with them not realizing they were digging the wound deeper and making it next to impossible to be healed properly. The one character I truly felt for was Erica Mena. People can say what they choose about her but this was my observation. Here is a young woman, mother, trying to make a name for herself in the world but carrying around the baggage of abandonment, hurt, pain, abuse, and all wrapped up in the desire to be loved. Then you have Rich who is a man who deals with the inability to love truly because he has his own issues with self and accomplishment from a male perspective so he sees Ms. Mena as someone who needs and is looking for that love, attention, and the “daddy issues” gives it to her with a long handed spoon, doesn’t make much sense does it? This cycle of back and forth of “love” was birthed out of one person looking for something that they themselves are incapable of giving but took advantage of a situation of a person who cannot recognize what real, true authentic love looks like, but recognizes the mirages of what your first love of a Father is supposed to give but becomes tainted in sex, lies and deceit because the foundation is lust and selfishness.
 Now you have “Love “ in dysfunction in two people who are desperate for healing but do not have the tools to love for real nor have they taken the time to truly dig through the pain  within themselves to be able to give and receive love genuinely. So what you have are two people acting out their wounded hearts onto each other.  It saddens me to see this happen because there are so many people, mainly young women in this world that are walking around with wounded hearts and broken pieces and they are in relationships that are not conducive to their condition so they end up hurting themselves as well as the other person in a cycle that never ends, and what’s worse is they go from relationship to relationship building on the hurt and continuously infecting each other and never taking the time to heal.
Love is the purest condition of the heart that when used and given in the right way is the best medicine for a broken, hurt and bruised heart. Love is a word we use and throw around for many reasons but a few of the main reasons are to get attention from someone we may be connected to, to express our gratitude to someone and genuine care for another person, or we say it because it is something to be said during special occasions or worse to get what we want, which then makes it selfish and love is definitely not selfish. I think what people are missing is that love is not just an emotion, it is action. Love is not just something you Give or Say it is something you Do and Are. The perfect example of love is summed up in these words: Love is: Patient, Kind, Does not Envy, Does not Boast, Is not Proud, Not Rude, Not Selfish, Not Easily Angered, Keeps no record of Wrongs, Does not delight in Evil, Always Rejoices in Truth, Always Protects, Always Trusts and Always Perseveres, and Never Fails.
If we truly lived out love in this way, many hearts will heal and be not easily broken. Now do not get me wrong, love can disappoint and hurt but it is not out of selfishness. We are human beings and are prone to error but we can choose to not do something or say something or take advantage if love is really there.
My point: True Love is a healing agent and when used properly in taking the time to love on yourself first  and apply it to the broken and shattered parts of yourself, you will find that it will be easier for you to recognize real love (as I type this right now Mary J. Is bumping in the back ground, “Real Love” from the ‘What’s the 411′ album, ironic) and give genuine love from a pure place not out of hurt and pain. By ignoring your hurts and pains and then piling on new issues, new hurts and counterfeit “love” on top of what is already damaged and in need of repair, you will soon realize there is more chaos and unauthentic love breeding and causing more interior damage which leads to destruction for all parties involved.
When Real Love comes into play it immediately recognizes the hurts and sees the vulnerability as either an opportunity  to walk away for that person to be healed and be whole completely or they will put on the gloves to help to heal instead of taking advantage and adding to the already broken heart.  So In the cases of Erica Mena and Rich, Tahiry and Joe Budden, Amina, Tara and Peter Gunz, they are all broken people who need to be healed completely from the inside out. The beauty about love is that if its for you it will come around to you again and when its true love  it covers you and comforts you in good and bad experiences. My prayer is that they recognize it and get what they need before connecting to another broken heart. To the women of the LHHNY, I am sure they know they are valuable but it is one thing to know it, and another to live like it. Making choices that match how you really think of yourself. Most of them are mothers and we (I am mother as well and I am walking in this experience as well) must live the way we desire for our children to live, be and feel about themselves.
For the men of LHHNY: love is not just an emotion, it is action. As a man and what I have learned and continue to experience, do not just say you love a woman and you are not willing to protect her and provide for her not just physical needs. Love is NOT sex, intimacy is deeper than being naked without clothing. Men take this time to really understand what a man is and how love operates in you, for yourself. Take ownership of love lost in your life and see how that plays out in your actions and treatment of women as a Grown man in age. Recognize there are parts of you that are wounded and if you desire to truly love a woman who is “down for you”, get “down” with yourself and learn what it means to love you first, nurture that little boy, young man and then you can experience love like you have never known it before.
Love is what Love Does, and that is Truth. Healing is the first step to experience Authentic Love for Real.

Another Level

When creating SXSI, I didn’t really realize what that would entail for me. I mean I thought that I would just be this young girl trying to inspire other young women and girls to live a life that they could be proud of. I had my idea of what that would look like, what it would entail and all of that, but then my life took another turn that I NEVER expected but had an idea might happen…
I will share more deets of that as this blog progresses but I want to just say this. No matter what people say, your dream is your dream. With that, many times when your dreams are yours, they take on a personality and they come out of the life you are already living. Don’t let ANYONE make you believe that you can be and do what you dreamed because your life “doesn’t line up”. That’s BS! Your life is a reflection of your dream, its you do with your life and how you go about accomplishing your dream is what will impact people and reach people.
With SXSI, it has been an experience and I have been challenged, exposed and caught up more than I EVER had before. I had this idea to minister and talk to young women, and stay celibate and I fell, HARD. Feeling like who am I to even tell anyone anything, I am not even worth it because I am not doing it myself, so who am I to tell anyone anything? This is what I said and in the process of doing the things I was and getting caught up and feeling sorry and guilty and playing the victim, I had the knife in my own had killing the dream I was ready to accomplish. Yes Me I am the Dream the Killer, You are the Dream Killer to your Own Dream! Life and its circumstances, makes the dream more worthwhile to keep at it and work harder and makes the message stronger and more substance. I didn’t see it as that until; I had the “haters” and “naysayers”. People have asked me, “so what about SXSI now?” how can you talk to young women and this is what you’re into, this is what you doing? SXSI? How are you SXSI now? How can you talk like that? All of it I heard and when I say I was shot to the heart and telling myself, I failed Miserably! That’s how I felt and some days I still feel that way? Thinking how can I tell a young girl she means something and she doesn’t have to take off her clothes to prove it, or how can I tell a young woman that even though she’s never experienced love from a father in her life that she doesn’t need a man to validate her, and I am feeling that way?
I am being really transparent because I still did it, not seeing the root, not realizing that the issues, abuse, torment and pain I experienced as a child I outwardly acted them out in my adult life. I didn’t see it but I played it out. Feeling the pressure of these same young women looking up to me and then watching me fall and then saying, who do I have now. Another shot to the heart. I am not perfect ya’ll I don’t pretend to be. I just want to be SXSI just like you. Trying to live a life that I see myself living but looking at it with impossibility to even reach. Yes me. But every day, I am telling myself that TAKIMA, you are STILL SXSI no matter what happens and it just broadens the audience that you have to reach. You have to be In It to Speak on It! I ask myself, and God, why you chose me for this. There is so much ridicule and judgment that goes along with this, this don’t feel good at all… But I feel like He says, if not you then who? I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you, Plans to give you a hope and a future.
At this point, I have No Other Choice than to trust that my Choice that He knew about before I did, has a purpose….
Still SXSI